‘Ideas For Dads’ is a website for modern fathers. It is a resource for busy dads to make the most of their time with their children. Each episode features an easy, affordable and enjoyable idea for men to try with their children. Each week a new idea will be described, with easy-to-follow instructions, suggestions on expanding the ideas and discussion about this weeks activity.

Activities range from cities made out of cardboard boxes, to marble runs made out of pool noodles, to old classics like teaching children how to ride a bike. The idea is to encourage busy men to spend time with their children and show them that it only takes a little idea to make a big difference.

‘Ideas for Dads’ will deliver ideas that can be used by fathers, mothers, grandparents and care-givers alike. Occasional episodes will be focused on ‘Dads who don’t live with their children’, ‘Dads who are in prison’, ‘Dads who work late’ etc.

‘Ideas for Dads’ is written and presented by a busy, modern Dad who road-tests these ideas with his own children. ‘Ideas for Dads’ is not a discussion on advocacy or rights for fathers. Ideas for Dads’ is not a multi-step programme that needs to be followed religiously. ‘Ideas for Dads’ is simply a quick and easy resource for fathers who struggle to find the time to spend with their children.

Have fun!